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Licence Appeal (Demerit Point Suspension)

RMS Licence Appeal – Demerit point driver licence suspension

If you have been issued with a traffic infringement either for speeding, red light camera detection, or using mobile phone whilst driving which may result in loss of demerit points resulting in your licence suspension, then you may be able to lodge an appeal against RMS for driver licence suspension. It is important that you seek accurate legal advice to ensure that you are represented by experienced traffic lawyers for your appeal.

Once the appeal is lodged, you will receive a Court Attendance Notice advising you of your court mention date.

Our expert licence appeal team at Criminal Lawyers Sydney will guide you on obtaining materials which can be handed-up to the court during your appeal, including a letter of apology, character references, traffic offender’s completion certificate and any documents from counsellors or health care professionals you have consulted.

These materials, together with persuasive verbal submissions by your lawyer in the courtroom, can help to ensure you receive the most lenient penalty that is possible in the circumstances.

Appeal Outcomes at Court

The magistrate can deal with your licence appeal in the following ways:

  • All appeal, this means, you will get to keep your licence, or
  • Dismiss your appeal with variation, this means the magistrate can reduce your suspension period to any length of time the magistrate deems appropriate, this could mean your licence could be suspended for either 1 day, 1 week or 1 month, or
  • Dismiss your appeal, this means you will loose your licence for the duration you originally appealed against.

If you have accumulated demerit points because of traffic infringements and will likely loose your licence, call Criminal Lawyers Sydney anytime on (02) 9152 8619 to arrange a free first conference with one of our experienced traffic lawyers who will review your situation and advise you of your options the best way forward