Community correction orders

A Community Correction Order is a less serious type of penalty and can be imposed in lieu of prison sentence and is available as a sentencing option to the Magistrate or Judge for NSW criminal or traffic offences.

Community correction orders must contain the following ‘standard’ conditions:

  • The defendant must not commit any further offences, and
  • The defendant must attend court if called upon to do so.

A Judge or Magistrate can add further conditions as follows:  

  • Be subject to a curfew not exceeding 12 hours in any 24-hour period,
  • Undertake community service work of up to 500 hours,
  • Participate in a rehabilitation program or receive treatment,
  • Abstain from alcohol and/or drugs,
  • Not associate with a particular person/s,
  • Not enter or frequent a particular place or area, and
  • Be supervised by community correction or, if under 18, by a juvenile justice officer.

A Judge or Magistrate cannot order community service unless a sentencing assessment report is ordered for such a condition.

A court cannot order a CCO for a domestic violence offence unless it has considered the safety of the complainant.

Importantly, the court can limit the period that any additional condition applies; so, for example, a 3-year CCO may contain a curfew that lasts for only 3 months.

The following conditions cannot be included in a CCO:

  • Home detention,
  • Electronic monitoring, or
  • Curfew of more than 12 hours in any 24-hour period.

If you breach any conditions of the order, then you will be required to attend court and be resentenced for the breach of bond.