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Crime Commission

The key function to Crime Commission is to investigate matters relative to criminal activity or serious crime within NSW that have been referred to them.

The two main divisions are as follows:

  1. Criminal Investigations; and
  2. Financial Investigations
Criminal Investigations

Criminal investigations have two primary responsibilities

  • To investigate organised and other serious crime; and,
  • To share intelligence and evidence gathered by the Commission during the course of its activities with its partner agencies.

Offences that are investigated by Crime Commission include:

  • Homicide,
  • Terrorism,
  • Serious drug offences (supply, manufacture, and importation) and, 
  • Associated financial and money laundering activity.

This division has a range of powers available to assist in advancing investigations. These include traditional law enforcement powers such as:

  • search warrants,
  • telecommunications interception, and
  • surveillance device warrants.

The Crime Commissions uses Commission’s power to summons people to give evidence in the Commission’s private hearing room. This power is used to further investigations by obtaining information and evidence from people who are not prepared to co-operate with law enforcement.

Financial Investigations

The law is governed by the Criminal Assets Recovery Act 1990

The Commission sues people in the NSW Supreme Court to recover proceeds of crime that they have either derived from their own criminal activity or other people’s crimes. The process usually involves the Commission making an application for a restraining order to prevent dealings with a defendant’s interests in property or other assets. 

The Commission employs expert forensic accountants and financial analysts who, in conjunction with staff from the Commission’s Legal Services Division, conduct all of the investigative and legal work associated with the proceedings.

The FID provides expert forensic accounting assistance to the Criminal Investigations Division with teams working together and sharing intelligence.

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