Conditional release orders

Conditional Release Order (‘CRO’) can be imposed in two types, they are:

  1. Conditional Release Order, without criminal conviction; or
  2. Conditional Release Order, with a criminal conviction

A CRO must contain the following conditions:

  • That the defendant not commit any further offences,
  • That the defendant must attend court if called upon to do so.

Additional conditions that can be placed on a CRO are:

  • To participate in rehabilitation programs or receive treatments,
  • Abstain from alcohol, drugs or both,
  • Not associate with particular persons,
  • Not frequent or visit particular places,
  • Come under the supervision of community corrections officers or, in the case of young persons, juvenile justice officers.

A CRO cannot include:

  • A fine,
  • Home detention,
  • Electronic monitoring,
  • A curfew, or
  • Community service work.

If you breach any conditions of the order, you will be called upon to attend court and be re-sentenced for the breach and fresh offences.